Do You Still Pay a Mortgage Lender If They Go Bankrupt?

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The short answer: Yes. If your mortgage lender goes bankrupt, you still request to salary your mortgage obligations. When a owe lender goes under, each of its existing mortgages will usually beryllium sold to different lenders. In astir cases, nan position of your owe statement will not change. The only quality is that nan caller institution will presume work for receiving payments and for servicing nan loan.

Key Takeaways

  • If your owe lender goes bankrupt, you still request to make your regular owe payments.
  • As a consequence of bankruptcy, nan owe lender's assets, including your mortgage, whitethorn beryllium packaged together pinch different loans and sold to different lender aliases investor.
  • If your owe is sold, nan caller owner, by law, must notify you wrong 30 days of nan effective day of transportation and supply nan caller owner's name, address, and telephone number.

What Happens When Your Mortgage Is Sold?

If nan owe lender that originated your indebtedness goes bankrupt, your owe still has worth and will beryllium purchased by different lender aliases investor successful nan secondary market. The secondary marketplace is wherever antecedently issued owe loans are bought and sold.

Although a owe is simply a indebtedness aliases liability to nan borrower, it is an plus for nan lender since nan lender will person liking payments from nan borrower complete nan life of nan loan. Interest payments made to a slope are akin to an investor earning liking aliases dividends for holding a bond aliases stock. A dividend is simply a rate costs paid to shareholders by nan institution that issued nan stock. Similarly, nan liking payments that you salary connected your owe are akin to you paying nan slope a monthly dividend.

As a consequence of bankruptcy, nan owe lender's assets, including your mortgage, whitethorn beryllium packaged together pinch different loans and sold to different lender aliases investor. The caller proprietor of your indebtedness makes money connected immoderate fees and liking from nan owe going forward.


In March 2023 Silicon Valley Bank successful Santa Clara, California, grounded and was taken complete by nan Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The FDIC past created a impermanent bridge bank, nan Silicon Valley Bridge Bank, to transportation connected nan defunct bank's business. At nan time, nan FDIC instructed borrowers that, "You should proceed to make your payments according to nan position of your written contract. You whitethorn proceed to nonstop your payments to nan aforesaid costs reside pinch checks made payable to Silicon Valley Bank. You will person a missive advising you of immoderate changes." It besides assured them that, "All services antecedently performed related to your indebtedness will continue." The FDIC provided akin instructions to customers of Signature Bank, a New York–based slope that grounded nan aforesaid month.

Other Reasons Your Mortgage Could Be Sold

It's important to statement that it's normal business believe for immoderate lenders to waste their mortgages to different companies successful situations extracurricular of financial distress.

For example, your indebtedness whitethorn already person been sold to Fannie Mae (the Federal National Mortgage Association) aliases Freddie Mac (the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., aliases FHLMC), 2 companies created by nan national authorities for that purpose. As of 2020, they purchased aliases guaranteed 62% of each mortgages originating successful nan United States.

Loan guarantees from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae thief lenders by reducing their risk. The guarantees besides thief investors who mightiness want to bargain nan mortgages for nan liking income. As a consequence of nan guarantees, lenders tin make loans and mortgages much affordable to borrowers and summation nan number of loans that are available.

Banks that rumor mortgages aliases immoderate different loans person limits connected really overmuch they tin lend since they person only truthful overmuch successful nan measurement of deposits connected their equilibrium sheets. As a result, trading your owe to different institution removes your indebtedness from nan bank's books and frees up their equilibrium expanse to lend much money. If banks couldn't waste mortgages, they would yet lend each of their money retired and beryllium incapable to rumor immoderate much caller loans aliases mortgages. The system would apt struggle successful specified a scenario, which is why slope loans are allowed to beryllium sold disconnected successful nan secondary market.

What to Expect If Your Mortgage Is Sold

According to nan Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), if your owe is sold, nan caller lender must "notify you wrong 30 days of nan effective day of transfer. The announcement will disclose nan name, address, and telephone number of nan caller owner."

It's worthy taking nan clip to publication nan good people erstwhile you return retired a mortgage. You tin cheque your original indebtedness statement and your archiving for a conception that defines nan responsibilities of each statement if nan owe is sold aliases assigned to different company, often called nan "sale and assignment" terms.

What Happens When a Bank Goes Bankrupt?

If nan slope is insured by nan Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), arsenic astir banks are, nan FDIC will screen customers' deposits up to nan ineligible limits and besides return complete nan bank's operations arsenic receiver. That intends it "assumes nan task of selling/collecting nan assets of nan grounded slope and settling its debts," nan FDIC explains.

What Happens to a Mortgage If nan FDIC Takes Over nan Bank?

The FDIC will either waste your indebtedness correct distant aliases support it temporarily. "In either lawsuit your responsibility to salary has not changed. Within a fewer days aft nan closure, you will beryllium notified by nan FDIC, and by nan purchaser, arsenic to wherever to nonstop early payments," according to nan FDIC.

What Is nan Difference Between a Lender and a Loan Servicer?

A lender is nan company, specified arsenic a bank, that issues a owe aliases different loan. A indebtedness servicer is nan institution that services it connected an ongoing basis, by collecting monthly payments and maintaining an escrow relationship to screen real-estate taxes and insurance, for instance. Some lenders do their ain servicing, while others workplace it retired to abstracted companies. If you person questions astir who really owns your mortgage, nan Consumer Financial Protection Bureau suggests calling aliases penning your servicer; successful immoderate cases you tin besides find nan accusation online.

The Bottom Line

When your owe lender goes bankrupt, your indebtedness will typically beryllium sold to different lender aliases investor (if it hasn't already been). Your obligations, and nan caller lender's, will stay nan aforesaid arsenic before.

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