Dad reveals how he feeds family of 6 for just $28 at Cheesecake Factory - but shocks viewers with how he tipped

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By Emma Saletta For Dailymail.Com

Published: 16:39 EDT, 11 June 2024 | Updated: 16:39 EDT, 11 June 2024

A family of six enjoyed meal astatine The Cheesecake Factory on June 6 for only $28 betwixt them - and past shocked societal media users pinch really overmuch they tipped.

The Milehams, who station connected TikTok nether nan username @glazedepoxy, shared a video of a speech betwixt dada Josh and their server aft eating their ray meal astatine nan constitution successful Highland Village, Texas.

Before giving nan server his tip, Josh asked really nan server felt astir nan full value of nan repast being bizarrely debased for six people, to which he responded 'I didn't mind.'

The family - who often show their followers really to eat inexpensive erstwhile connected a fund - ordered a barbeque ranch chickenhearted crockery and gluten-free gallic fries for nan table.

First, Josh showed really he divided nan salad's macromolecule from its vegetables, earlier dishing retired servings to his young children and woman Callie. Each personnel of nan family past helped themselves to a fistful of fries, which came pinch ketchup. 

Josh and Callie Mileham, who are known arsenic The Milehams connected TikTok, said pinch their server astatine The Cheesecake Factory aft they spent $28 connected their repast for six

Josh asked their server for six plates and 'lots of other ranch' - and nan repast came retired to conscionable $28.04.

After finishing their food, Josh stunned societal media users by asking nan server outright what he felt his extremity should be.

The server responded honestly and said: 'If you guys felt for illustration I gave you awesome service, I for illustration my extremity to bespeak connected really you consciousness I served you.'   

He explained that he'd seen different restaurant-goers do this instrumentality successful nan past.

'I usually do person group that bid ray for aggregate people,' said nan server.

'I usually thin not to shape an opinion. I do it much based connected really you guys are.'

The server added that he usually tries to purpose for 20 percent of nan repast total. He said: 'Usually if they extremity maine that 20 percent, I for illustration to deliberation it's benignant of for illustration a bully mediate ground.' 

According to nan receipt, $6.17 is nan suggested gratuity for a server if 1 wishes to extremity 22 percent, which nan Mileham's waiter thought was fair. 

Josh asked their server what he thought was a adjacent from nan $28 meal. The server told Josh: 'I for illustration my extremity to bespeak connected really you consciousness I served you'

Josh asked their server for six plates and 'lots of other ranch' successful summation to nan crockery and fries

After immoderate disapproval online, nan family posted a 3rd video connected June 10 pinch nan happy server - and revealed that they really gave him a stunning $100 tip.

The server smiled from receptor to receptor and told nan family that 'it was a pleasure' to return attraction of them.

'Our full was $28.04, and then, of course, it shows you nan different tips that would beryllium due and nice, but we did a $100 tip,' said Callie.

'He was awesome. Super attentive. Super nice. Great customer service.'

Several societal media users who didn't cognize astir nan $100 extremity trashed nan family of six for only spending $28 connected edifice food. 

The Milehams posted a 3rd TikTok video from their Cheesecake Factory outing, which showed that they gave their server a $100 tip

'Man, this young man is humble! He deserved a $100 tip. I guarantee this young man does good bc of his affirmative attitude,' a TikToker wrote.

The Milehams responded to comments made by different TikTokers and they many times told them to watch nan different Cheesecake Factory video they posted.

The TikTokers besides responded to different remark made by personification who wrote that it should beryllium 'the company’s work to salary their labor well.'

'This is 100 percent. We want to bless others, but arsenic a corporation, you should salary your employees, not us, nan customers,' nan Milehams wrote.

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