Colorado rancher is killed along with 34 of his cattle in freak lightning strike

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  • Rancher Mike Morgan, 51, was struck by lightning while feeding his cows
  • His wife, 200 feet distant astatine nan clip of nan strike, was thrown from her horse
  • Morgan leaves down his woman and 17-year-old daughter 

By James Cirrone For Dailymail.Com

Published: 17:02 EDT, 27 May 2024 | Updated: 17:06 EDT, 27 May 2024

A 51-year-old Colorado rancher tragically mislaid his life Saturday successful a lightning onslaught that besides killed 34 of his cows and 3 calves.

Mike Morgan was feeding his cattle from a trailer erstwhile he was struck. He died connected nan segment aft emergency responders tried to resuscitate him, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office said.

Morgan's wife, Niki, was astir 200 feet distant from Morgan erstwhile nan lightning bolt struck and it was beardown capable to sound her disconnected her horse, according to a Facebook station from His Cavvy Foundation, a nonprofit helping ranchers pinch superior aesculapian issues.

Morgan's father-in-law was besides reportedly adjacent nan blast but survived.

The onslaught bowled complete astir 100 caput of cattle that had crowded astir nan trailer that Morgan was feeding them retired of, region coroner George Crocket said.

Mike Morgan was killed successful a freak lightning onslaught complete nan weekend, Jackson County officials revealed Monday

Morgan, 51, was a rancher successful nan municipality of Walden, Colorado, a tight-knit organization extracurricular of Denver

Morgan's family was precocious capable to spend 300 cattle of their own, and it was their dream to ain their ain animals

'All but nan 34 sewage up,' Crocket added. 

The lightning bolt struck a pasture extracurricular nan municipality of Rand, which is about 80 miles northwest of Denver, NBC reported.

Morgan is survived by his woman Niki and his 17-year-old daughter, Dallas, some of whom are progressive successful nan ranching business arsenic well.

The His Cavvy Foundation described Morgan and his family arsenic 'an upstanding pillar' successful nan municipality of Walden, Colorado. 

The foundation's station explained that Morgan had ever been moving connected a section ranch, which precocious afforded nan family nan opportunity to acquisition 300 pairs. Pairs mention to a cattle and her calf.

'Mike’s wife, Niki, has spent each wintertime calving these pairs retired while Mike held down a occupation astatine Silver Spur Ranches,' nan station said. 'They do what we each do, immoderate it takes to make a living, and they do it by doing what we are each passionate about. Ranching...'

The His Cavvy Foundation wrote that Morgan's family has donated time, resources and finances to its various causes passim nan years. 

'Mike was a loving begetter and a tender, intentional husband,' nan station said. 'We will each miss that large ole grin he ever carried.'

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