Christina Applegate says she probably had MS for 7 years before diagnosis

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Christina Applegate believes she mightiness person had aggregate sclerosis for arsenic agelong arsenic 7 years earlier officially being diagnosed pinch nan autoimmune illness successful 2021.

Battling symptoms connected and off, nan Emmy victor and “Married ... With Children” alum said she put disconnected being checked by a expert contempt her legs giving retired while filming nan first play of her Netflix drama “Dead to Me.”

“I really conscionable benignant of put it disconnected arsenic being tired, aliases I’m dehydrated, aliases it’s nan weather,” Applegate said this week successful an question and reply that aired connected ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “And past thing would hap for, like, months, and I didn’t salary attention.”

Multiple sclerosis, aliases MS, affects nan tense strategy and often results successful progressive beingness and cognitive decline. It’s an autoimmune information successful which nan assemblage attacks myelin, nan protective insubstantial that surrounds nervus fibers, disrupting signals to and from nan brain, according to nan National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

In her first on-camera sitdown since her diagnosis, Applegate was joined by “The Sopranos” alum Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who besides has nan incurable disease. Sigler, who is launching nan “MeSsy” podcast pinch Applegate connected March 19, was diagnosed pinch MS successful 2001 astatine property 20 but didn’t uncover her test until 2016.

Applegate, 52, and Sigler, 42, opened up astir about really they support 1 another, which they apt will talk connected nan podcast.

“For truthful long, I person been celebrated for being nan beardown 1 and nan affirmative 1 that it felt for illustration I was not that if I would admit that immoderate days were hard,” Sigler said. “But [Applegate] really pushed maine to beryllium capable to opportunity that [it was hard], because I thought I was letting group down if I would talk astir really difficult it was sometimes.”

Nearly 1 cardinal individuals are surviving pinch MS successful nan United States, according to 2019 figures cited by nan Multiple Sclerosis Assn. of America. Most group pinch MS acquisition their first symptoms and are diagnosed betwixt nan ages of 15 and 50 (although individuals of immoderate property whitethorn beryllium diagnosed pinch MS). More women are diagnosed pinch MS than men, nan relation said.

Sigler said she’s holding connected to dream for advancements successful treatments for nan illness and noted that location are medications disposable to thief slow nan progression of MS and alteration nan wave and strength of symptoms for patients.

“There’s this small spot of dream that possibly 1 time we won’t unrecorded pinch this,” Sigler said. “It’s difficult to fto that go.”

Applegate shared her test publically successful 2021, not agelong aft she was incapable to locomotion connected her ain while filming nan last season of “Dead to Me.” She told Roberts that her symptoms started successful early 2021 and presented arsenic “just tingling” successful her toes.

“By nan clip we started shooting successful nan summertime of that aforesaid year, I was being brought to group successful a wheelchair. Like, I couldn’t locomotion that far,” Applegate said.

Her friend and “The Sweetest Thing” co-star Selma Blair, who was diagnosed pinch MS successful 2018, urged Applegate to get tested.

“She goes, ‘You request to beryllium checked for MS,’ and I said, ‘No,’ I said, ‘Really? The odds? The 2 of america from nan aforesaid movie. Come on, that’s not gonna beryllium — that doesn’t happen,’” Applegate said. “She knew. If not for her, it could person been measurement worse.”

Applegate has been unfastened astir her wellness struggles passim her career, antecedently discussing her 2008 conflict pinch bosom cancer, aft which she had a double mastectomy arsenic good arsenic her ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed.

But pinch MS, she described surviving successful a “kind of hell” and isolating to header pinch “the invisible disease,” which she said is very lonely and involves excruciating pain. She’s “just utilized to it now.”

“I’ve been playing a characteristic called Christina for 40 years, who I wanted everybody to deliberation I was because it’s easier,” Applegate said. “But this is, it’s benignant of my coming-out party. Like, this is ... nan personification I’ve been this full time.

“I was benignant of putting connected a small enactment for everybody for truthful agelong because I conscionable thought that was easier — beryllium light, beryllium funny ... don’t make group uncomfortable. And I don’t attraction anymore.”

Although she’s grateful for nan support she’s had, she still faces plentifulness of challenges.

“I’m ne'er going to aftermath up and go, ‘This is awesome.’ I’m conscionable going to show you that. Like, it’s not going to happen,” she said. “I aftermath up and I’m reminded of it each day. … But I mightiness get to a spot wherever I usability a small spot better. Right now I’m isolating, and that’s benignant of really I’m dealing pinch it is by not going anyplace because I don’t want to do it. It’s hard.”

The Tony Award-nominated “Sweet Charity” prima said that she doesn’t spell retired overmuch and that moreover sitting for nan “GMA” interview, which took spot astatine a hotel, “is a small difficult, conscionable for my system.”

The character besides reflected connected nan affectional reception during her January quality astatine nan Primetime Emmy Awards. The “Samantha Who?” prima received a opinionated ovation erstwhile she walked onstage utilizing a cane and made jokes astir nan assemblage “shaming maine pinch disablement by opinionated up” and her “body not by Ozempic.”

But Applegate said she “actually benignant of blacked out” during nan presenting gig.

“People said, ‘Oh, you were truthful funny,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t moreover cognize what I said,’” she told Roberts. “I don’t cognize what I was doing. I sewage truthful freaked retired that I didn’t moreover cognize what was happening anymore. And I felt really beloved, and it was really a beautiful thing.”

Then, pinch her trademark wit, she said, “That assemblage stood up for everybody.”

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