Cher and Boyfriend AE Edwards Share Passionate Makeout, PDA on Cannes amfAR Red Carpet

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Still going strong! Cher and fellow Alexander “AE” Edwards proved they’re truthful passionate astir each different by having a makeout session connected nan reddish carpet of nan 2024 amfAR gala successful Cannes, France, connected Thursday, May 23.

Cher, 78, was honored astatine nan arena and performed, while AE, 38, was location to support his girlfriend. The brace met astatine Paris Fashion Week successful September 2022, and their romance began 2 months later.

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The “Believe” vocalist looked stunning successful a fitted achromatic gown, while nan euphony shaper wore a buttoned-up achromatic garment and achromatic suit. Cher revealed nan mates has upcoming activity plans together.

“He and I are gonna commencement a caller album,” she told reporters connected nan reddish carpet. “We haven’t started yet. He’s going to nutrient it.” From their sizzling PDA, caller euphony isn’t nan only point that has nan brace excited these days.

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