Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Ozempic: Who Has Discussed the Weight Loss Drug?

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All nan Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Ozempic - 450 Cheslea Handler, Elon Musk and Kyle Richards.

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The weight nonaccomplishment medicine Ozempic has go nan astir talked-about supplier successful Hollywood, pinch respective celebrities for illustration Kyle Richards and Garcelle Beauvais denying that they’ve taken it to shed pounds. Meanwhile, others, including Gracie McGraw and Dolores Catania, person admitted to utilizing nan supplier and described their results.

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The FDA-approved semaglutide — which was primitively produced for adults pinch type 2 glucosuria — useful pinch nan encephalon to trim nutrient cravings. It besides makes a personification consciousness fuller faster erstwhile eating and regulates really nan assemblage stores fat and uses sugar. The medicine medication is administered by a once-a-week injection.

Kelly Clarkson revealed successful May 2024 that she utilized a weight nonaccomplishment supplier that resulted successful her slimmer fig but noted, “Everyone thinks it’s Ozempic. It’s not. It’s thing else,” stating it aided successful breaking down sweetener successful her body. 

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Celebrities On Ozempic Stars Who Take Deny Weight Loss Drug

Lester Cohen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Kelly Clarkson

The Grammy victor revealed during her daytime talk show connected May 13, 2024, that she had nan thief of a weight nonaccomplishment drug aft antecedently chalking up her slimmer fig to eating a precocious macromolecule fare and walking astir New York City for exercise.

“My expert chased maine for, like, 2 years and I was like, ‘No, I’m acrophobic of it. I already person thyroid problems.’ I was afraid,” Kelly told impermanent Whoopi Goldberg, who admitted to utilizing nan semaglutide Mounjaro for weight loss.

“Everyone thinks it’s Ozempic. It’s not. It’s thing else. But it’s thing that immunodeficiency successful breaking down nan sugar. Obviously, my assemblage doesn’t do it right,” Kelly explained.

Botched’s Dr. Terry Dubrow called retired nan “Stronger” vocalist for “Ozempic shaming.”

“I deliberation it’s benignant of honesty adjacent. Because if you don’t want to admit to Ozempic and you want to opportunity it’s different medication, there’s only 1 different medication, and that’s Mounjaro,” Terry told TMZ connected May 16.

“Mounjaro is amended and it useful faster, but to benignant of opportunity ‘It’s not Ozempic but it’s different medication’ lends to keeping pinch Ozempic shaming still … Like it’s still not OK to conscionable to say, ‘I’m connected a occurrence weight nonaccomplishment drug,’” he added.

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Celebrities On Ozempic Stars Who Take Deny Weight Loss Drug

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

The Sopranos alum said nan Ozempic craze was leaving her emotion “upset” because of what she’d seen hap to friends.

“I’m a small triggered astir each nan Ozempic stuff. It’s upsetting me,” she said connected nan May 14, 2024, section of her “MeSsy,” podcast, adding, “I wish I didn’t care.”

“I really cognize a fistful of group that it has made an unthinkable quality successful their lives. I person seen them struggle pinch their weight for a very, very, very agelong clip and seen it springiness them a lot,” Jamie-Lynn explained. “I americium truthful happy for them. I besides person seen friends of excavation who were beautiful and patient and cleanable abusing it and it’s upsetting me.”

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rebel wilson admits she tried ozempic for weight loss


Rebel Wilson

Rebel admitted successful her question and reply pinch The Sunday Times that she tried Ozempic to support her weight aft she shed 80 pounds, but she’s nary longer taking it. Still, she approves of group utilizing it for that reason.

“Someone for illustration maine could person a bottomless appetite for sweets,” she said. “So I deliberation those narcotics tin beryllium good.”

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Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Whoopi Goldberg

The Oscar victor revealed during an section of The View connected March, 19, 2024, that she had been utilizing Mounjaro – a semaglutide akin to Ozempic – ever since 2021 erstwhile she tipped nan scales astatine almost 300 pounds while making nan 2022 movie Till. She gained nan weight aft suffering from backmost issues and utilized steroids for treatment, which added other pounds.

“I will show you, I weighed almost 300 pounds erstwhile I made ‘Till,’ and I had taken each those steroids, I was connected each this stuff, and 1 of nan things that’s helped maine driblet nan weight is nan Mounjaro –– that’s what I use,” Whoopi explained astir taking nan weight nonaccomplishment drug.

“I conscionable ever felt for illustration me, and past I saw me, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a batch of me,’” she revealed.

“You person to return work for yourself and spot what’s going connected pinch your body, and there’s thing incorrect [with taking weight nonaccomplishment drugs]. Stuff happens, you deed a definite property and everything falls to nan ground, you cognize you conscionable prime it up put it complete nan backmost and support it moving,” Whoopi stated.

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Sunny Hostin

Whoopi’s revelation caused her The View copanelist to uncover she utilized Mounjaro to suffer weight she gained during nan COVID-19 pandemic.

“During COVID I gained 40 pounds,” Sunny recalled. “All I did was eat. I emotion to navigator and I recovered retired I emotion to eat. And I was horrified by nan truth that I would person to travel retired connected air. So I took Mounjaro.”

The ineligible expert said she was amazed by nan antagonistic backlash she sewage from losing weight. “I sewage each these nasty emails saying you’re excessively skinny and why did you do this and you’re taking nan supplier distant from diabetics. So, location is shame erstwhile you’ve gained weight and I had ne'er knowledgeable that benignant of shame before,” Sunny added.

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Invictus Games 2023

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 Stars Who Take, Deny Weight Loss Drug

Monica Schipper / Stringer

Ree Drummond

The Food Network prima denied taking Ozempic successful a March 2024 update to a blog station that was primitively published successful 2021.

“For me, nan simple, boring truth is that erstwhile I group retired to suffer weight successful January of 2021, I had ne'er heard of that people of drugs,” she wrote. “And to beryllium honest, if I had heard of them and had seen each nan results that are retired there, I mightiness person been tempted to effort them.”

She credited her much than 50-pound weight nonaccomplishment to limiting her calorie intake, exercising regularly and cutting retired alcohol.

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Kate Winslet

Mike Marsland/WireImage

Kate Winslet

While discussing her ain acquisition pinch weight fluctuation, Kate Winslet said that Ozempic “sounds terrible” successful an question and reply with The New York Times Magazine. “Let’s eat immoderate much things!” she said.

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Tom Cooper/Getty Images for Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Rob Lowe

The 911: Lone Star character expressed his interest astir nan semipermanent effects of group utilizing Ozempic and different semaglutides.

“I spot group who are taking each nan caller weight nonaccomplishment narcotics and that’s great, and it’s really changed their lives. But my interest ever is, okay, now what?” Rob told People connected February 20, 2024, questioning, “What’s nan scheme for nan longevity of everything?”

For nan Hollywood icon, who turns 60 successful March 2024, he’s keeping his fresh fig nan aged manner measurement by eating patient foods and moving out. “I’m trying to beryllium moreover much disciplined now arsenic I’m older conscionable because arsenic you get older, you request to watch what you eat moreover much than erstwhile you were younger,” he explained.

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kelly osbourne ozempic

Getty Images

Kelly Osbourne

“I deliberation it’s amazing. There are a cardinal ways to suffer weight, why not do it done thing that isn’t arsenic boring arsenic moving out?” Kelly told E! News connected January 30, 2024, though she did not admit to taking it herself.

“People dislike connected it because they want to do it,” nan erstwhile reality prima continued. “And nan group who dislike connected it nan astir are nan group who are secretly doing it aliases pissed disconnected that they can’t spend it. Unfortunately, correct now it’s thing that is very costly but it yet won’t beryllium because it really works.”

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2023 L'Oréal Paris Women Of Worth - Arrivals

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Brittany Cartwright

“I person not tried Ozempic because I’ve wanted to enactment distant from those benignant of things I heard it makes you sick and nauseous,” nan Vanderpump Rules alum told DailyMail.com connected February 5, 2024.
“I already person specified a delicate tummy and I don’t want to consciousness sick. I besides consciousness for illustration it’s not realistic long-term,” nan Jenny Craig ambassador added.

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Getty Images

Scheana Shay

During nan play 11 premiere of Vanderpump Rules which aired connected January 30, 2024, Scheana denied utilizing Ozempic aft she mislaid weight from accent pursuing Tom Sandoval’s matter pinch Raquel Leviss, known arsenic “Scandoval.”

While discussing nan ungraded pinch costar Lala Kent, Scheana revealed nan beingness toll it took connected her body, explaining, “You cognize really galore group person asked maine if I’m connected Ozempic lately? No, it’s called Scandoval.”

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 Stars Who Take, Deny Weight Loss Drug

Amanda Edwards / Contributor

Alexandra Park

The Australian actress, who has diabetes, discussed nan Hollywood inclination of taking Ozempic for weight nonaccomplishment successful a January 31, 2024, question and reply pinch E! News.

Though she noted that she can’t speak from individual acquisition astir nan type 2 glucosuria drug, arsenic she had type 1, Alexandra said hoped nan off-label usage of Ozempic was doing “more bully than it is damage.”

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 Stars Who Take, Deny Weight Loss Drug

Courtesy of 50 Cent/Instagram

50 Cent

After fans pointed retired that nan rap mogul had mislaid a batch of weight lately — pinch immoderate speculating that it whitethorn beryllium acknowledgment to nan off-label usage of nan type 2 glucosuria supplier — 50 Cent took to Instagram to reside rumors.

“Everybody talking astir weight loss,” nan “In da Club” vocalist said during a January 24, 2024, Instagram video. “I was successful nan gym. I was moving nan f–k out, man. Who says Ozempic?”

The rapper’s 40-lb weight loss, he insisted, was nan consequence of accordant moving and cardio workout — not a prescription.

50 ​Cent continued, “I was 253 lbs, I came down and I’m 210 correct now. Oww, truthful really you consciousness astir it?”

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Terry Dubrow poses successful a achromatic suit successful beforehand of a agleam bluish backdrop

Nina Prommer/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Dr. Terry Dubrow

“I’ve tried it. I thought it was amazing. I … didn’t person that overmuch weight to lose, but I wanted to effort it because truthful galore of my patients were connected it and I wanted to spot what it was for illustration erstwhile you’re not diabetic and you only person 10-15 pounds to lose,” nan Botched prima told Page Six successful January 2024, while adding he did person “some broadside effects” from taking weight nonaccomplishment medication.

Despite calling Ozempic “a miracle,” and “the biggest breakthrough successful aesculapian history,” Terry went disconnected it earlier nan holidays successful 2023 because it killed his appetite and “really took … each nan joyousness of eating away.”

“People person to extremity making group consciousness bad astir being connected these drugs,” he said successful a July 2023 interview. “It’s vulnerable because group aren’t talking astir nan broadside effects. And nan problem pinch Ozempic shaming is that group won’t admit to this, truthful they’re not capable to thatch different group their acquisition pinch it.”

Terry besides thought group needed to normalize Ozempic usage because it’s not going anywhere. “It’s present to stay,” he added. “This is nan caller Botox and it’s for obesity alternatively of wrinkles.”

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 Stars Who Take, Deny Weight Loss Drug

Mindy Small / Contributor

Danielle Cabral

The Real Housewives of New Jersey prima slammed nan inclination of utilizing Ozempic off-label arsenic she sat beside her castmate Jennifer Fessler, who had precocious spoken positively astir her weight nonaccomplishment from nan drug.

“I was pinch personification today, a very beloved friend of mine, who really needs [Ozempic] for aesculapian reasons, and cannot get it because of this stupid, bulls–t behavior,” Danielle told Page Six during nan November 6, 2023, unrecorded taping of “Virtual Reali-Tea.” “But she can’t get it, she can’t get it,” she added.

Before Jennifer could take sides her usage of nan drug, Danielle quipped, “Run connected a f—king treadmill,” but clarified that she was not referring to her chap Bravolebrity.

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briana culberson

Paul Archuleta / Contributor

Briana Culberson

Bravolebrity Vicki Gunvalson‘s daughter, Briana Culberson, denied rumors that she had taken Ozempic successful nan aftermath of her 45-pound weight loss, calling nan proposal “hilarious.”

“There’s been immoderate ridiculous chatter wandering astir nan interwebs coming pursuing a pic of america I shared earlier today,” Briana wrote connected Instagram connected October 23, 2023, adding that immoderate speculated her and her hubby Ryan’s caller weight nonaccomplishment was owed to nan drug.

“I would NEVER,” she insisted. “That goes against everything we guidelines for and everything we’re doing for our wellness and wellness.”

Briana claimed that they had slimmed down pinch nan thief of basal manner changes, including eating patient foods, exercising and taking earthy supplements.

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jennifer fessler

Mindy Small / Contributor

Jennifer Fessler

The Real Housewives of New Jersey prima said astir her determination to proceed taking Ozempic contempt believing that broadside effects from nan supplier landed her successful nan hospital.

“I’m not acrophobic of Ozempic and I will show you I person had an acquisition that was not bully — and I’m beautiful affirmative it was astir nan semaglutide — wherever I had to spell to nan infirmary for an impacted bowel,” Jennifer admitted during nan December 4, 2023, premiere of her podcast, “Two Jersey Js,” ​which she hosts pinch chap RHONJ formed personnel Jackie Goldschneider.

The reality prima told Jackie she had been taking play injections of nan glucosuria medicine for complete a twelvemonth and had mislaid “maybe 22 pounds” total.

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Maria Bello

The ER alum confessed to trying Ozempic while going done menopause successful a December 2023 Instagram post, her first successful much than 2 years.

“I went done nan first half of menopause during Covid and tried everything to support it astatine bay. I took bio-identical hormones (and still do), dieted harder and faster but still managed to summation 15 pounds, tried Ozempic for a week but gave up aft nan changeless nausea and vomiting,” she confessed, adding, “Now aft yet coming retired of my cocoon of aforesaid reflection, I want to stock my travel complete nan past 2 years to judge my recently emerging self.”

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Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Heather Gay

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City prima admitted successful November 2023 that she had been taking Ozempic for “a agelong time.” Unlike immoderate stars who saw melodramatic weight losses, Heather told People, “I haven’t had monolithic results, but capable for group to notice, which is great.”

While she had a flimsy slimdown, nan Bravolebrity found it “discouraging” that group treated her otherwise because she was thinner.

“You suffer 5 pounds, group are nicer to you,” Heather explained, adding, “I don’t cognize why. It’s conscionable nan measurement nan world useful and that makes maine sad for women. But happy that I’m down five.”

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90 Day Fiance’s Darcey Feels 'Slim and Healthy' After Starting Ozempic

Getty Images

Darcey Silva

The 90 Day Fiancé alum isn’t acrophobic to confess to integrative surgery, and her usage of Ozempic is nary different.

In October 2023, Darcey revealed she was emotion “slim and healthy” aft getting injected pinch Ozempic astatine a New York aesculapian spa.

“Just sewage my Ozempic shot, truthful excited. It’s going to beryllium astonishing and transformational,” nan TLC characteristic shared via her Instagram Stories. “It’s gonna thief curve my appetite and suffer weight.”

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tamra ozempic


Tamra Judge

The Real Housewives of Orange Country prima was accused of taking nan celebrated supplier aft she revealed she suffered from intestinal obstruction connected October 9. Tamra unsurprisingly fired backmost astatine critics, tweeting, “These comments that I’m connected Ozempic are disgusting. I’ve suffered from intestinal problems for years. I’ve had aggregate surgeries successful nan past 12 years.”

“My grandma died of intestinal problems. I’ve ne'er been connected Ozempic and personally, wouldn’t usage it for weight loss!” she continued successful a follow-up message.

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 Sharon Osbourne, 70, showcases her slimmed down figure


Sharon Osbourne

The TV characteristic revealed she mislaid 30 pounds successful 4 months by taking injections of Ozempic. “The first mates of months, I conscionable felt nauseous. Every time I felt nauseous, my tummy was upset, whatever,” Sharon explained connected U.K.’s The Talk on May 4, adding, “Like everything, there’s ever nary speedy recipe.” The former AGT judge has since stopped taking nan supplier and said she has yet to put immoderate weight backmost on. Sharon was photographed successful London connected May 5, looking svelte successful a bluish suit pursuing her melodramatic weight loss.

However, during a September 21 quality connected Talk TV’s Piers Morgan Uncensored, Sharon lamented that her weight nonaccomplishment went excessively far. “It’s conscionable clip to stop, I didn’t really want to spell this thin, but it conscionable happened,” she revealed while fans commented connected her noticeably slimmed down face. The Osbourne matriarch joked, “I’ll astir apt put it each connected again soon!”

Earlier successful nan month, Sharon revealed her existent weight. “In my life, nan heaviest I was 230 pounds and I’m now nether a hundred. And I want to support astatine astir 105 because I’m excessively skinny. But I’m trying to person a patient balance,” she told E! News about her weight loss.

Sharon revealed her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, “doesn’t like” really bladed she is now aft she slimmed down to nether 100 pounds aft taking Ozempic.

“He’s frightened that thing is going to hap to me,” nan reality prima admitted during a November 24, 2023, quality connected Good Morning Britain. “He says, ‘You’ve sewage skinny past thing other is going to happen.’ He’s ever reasoning astir nan downside — that it’s excessively bully to beryllium true.”

Sharon added that she wants to summation “a fewer pounds,” but her assemblage is “staying wherever it is” and “not listening” to her attempts to put connected weight.

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Oprah Winfrey

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey

Though Oprah is not presently connected Ozempic, she did admit that she considered taking a weight nonaccomplishment medicine but thought it would beryllium nan “easy measurement out.” Getting candid astir her ain weight nonaccomplishment travel connected her “State of Weight” sheet successful September 2023, nan talk show big discussed nan measurement group shame others for their weight and really they take to negociate it. 

“It should beryllium yours to ain and not to beryllium shamed astir it. As a personification who’s been shamed for truthful galore years, I’m conscionable sick of it,” she said. “I’m conscionable sick of it. I’m conscionable sick of it. And I dream this speech originates nan un-shaming.”

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Getty Images

Claudia Oshry

The comedian and blogger admitted she mislaid 70 pounds by taking Ozempic during nan August 16 section of her “The Toast” podcast.
“The point that’s been harrowing — like, pursuing maine astir — everybody wants to cognize if I’m taking Ozempic, Mounjaro, semaglutide,” she began, stating, “And nan reply is: obviously. Yes, of course. You thought they were going to make a weight nonaccomplishment supplier and I wasn’t going to return it? You’re dumb. Of course, I’m ​f–king taking it.”
Claudia past became tearful, admitting, “The logic I’m tense astir sharing [how overmuch I’ve lost] is because I’m ashamed of myself that I sewage to a spot wherever I had 70 lbs. to lose,” adding, “I could cry, I’m truthful huffy astatine myself.”

The media characteristic said that while “It’s been complete a twelvemonth since I decided I want to alteration my life,” by taking Ozempic, it is “not a imperishable thing.”

In February 2024, Claudia revealed via a TikTok video that she had been disconnected Ozempic since November 2023 and was dealing pinch a caller broadside effect: utmost hunger. “I’m truthful hungry each nan motherf–king time,” nan Girl With No Job writer said. “I’m ever looking for bully treats, ’cause I’m still trying to suffer weight, but connected my own. And I’m ever looking for snacks and things to capable maine up.”

Asking for recommendations connected patient snacks that support a personification full, Claudia concluded, “I cannot enactment full, it’s impossible. I conscionable had a 12-ounce steak. A 12-ounce steak and I’m starving, truthful I’m eating popcorn. How are we staying full?!”

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Tracy Morgan posing

David Fisher/Shutterstock

Tracy Morgan

The comedian shared successful August 2023 that his weight nonaccomplishment was acknowledgment to nan arguable drug, telling Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager of Today With Hoda and Jenna that he’s not “letting it go!”

“Are you really connected Ozempic?” nan hosts asked, earlier Tracy responded, “Yeah. I return Ozempic each Thursday. Cuts my appetite successful half.” He past retorted, “I only eat half a container of Doritos!”

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Raven Symon Ozempic

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Raven Symone

Revealing to E! News that she is pre-diabetic, Raven-Symoné shared her thoughts connected celebrities utilizing Ozempic — commonly prescribed to group pinch glucosuria — to suffer weight. 

“I person … glucosuria successful my family. If I’m not observant pinch my intake pinch types of foods, I americium much susceptible to getting diabetes. So, I deliberation it’s very important we understand definite medications are made for definite group — and to not return that distant conscionable for glamazon purposes,” nan erstwhile Disney prima said. Directing her comments to Hollywood, she continued, “Do what you gotta do, conscionable make judge you prevention nan medicine for nan group who really request it.”

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 Stars Who Take, Deny Weight Loss Drug


Jessica Simpson

Jessica addressed ongoing claims she was connected Ozempic aft posting a Pottery Barn Kids advertisement during a July 6 question and reply pinch Bustle.

“Oh, Lord. I mean, it is not [Ozempic], it’s willpower. I’m like, do group want maine to beryllium drinking again? Because that’s erstwhile I was heavier. Or they want maine to beryllium having different baby? My assemblage can’t do it,” she told nan publication while rubbing connected her weight nonaccomplishment and sobriety journey. “Am I going to fto nan negativity derail me? No, I’m excessively aged for that. I americium excessively connected to myself correct now to fto that derail me. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt.”

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 Who Has Discussed nan Weight Loss Drug?


Emily Simpson

RHOC prima Emily Simpson denied rumors that she uses Ozempic to suffer weight while clapping backmost astatine a troll.

“How’s that ozempic workkng [sic] retired for you?” 1 instrumentality wrote successful consequence to her Instagram station connected June 23. The societal media personification added that it’s “sad” Emily believes she “needs to alteration her assemblage temporarily because it will each revert backmost to really it was earlier erstwhile she stops taking” nan drug.

Emily soon unopen down nan speculation by replying, “You don’t cognize maine and thing will ‘revert back’ bc my arms are jacked from dense lifting 7 days a week.”

Days later, she admitted to taking Ozempic “for 1 month” successful December 2022 aft she was displeased pinch nan measurement she looked connected television.

“[Ozempic] was a awesome kickstart for me. I’m conscionable gonna opportunity that for me, it worked astonishing because it really conscionable benignant of each nan bad habits that I had,” she said during a June 27 quality connected SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live. “I didn’t suffer a batch of weight doing it. I possibly mislaid 5 to 7 pounds aliases thing for illustration that … I didn’t for illustration nan measurement it made maine consciousness lethargic and it made maine conscionable not person a batch of energy, which was difficult pinch 3 small kids, but it does make you consciousness afloat and it does make you, for me, it was for illustration a refresh.”

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Andy Cohen Defends Tom Sandoval After Cheating Scandal

Shutterstock (2)

Andy Cohen

While Andy has not spoken astir being connected Ozempic himself, he has made immoderate jokes astir Real Housewives stars taking nan drug. In June 2023, TV writer Gary Janetti posted connected Instagram an thought for a caller show: “This summertime connected Bravo, ‘The Real Housewives of Ozempic,” nan station read.

Andy couldn’t defy commenting back, “It’s already airing.”

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stassi schroeder ozempic

Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Stassi Schroeder

The Vanderpump Rules alum, who announced her 2nd gestation successful March 2023, intends to effort nan weight nonaccomplishment supplier aft babe No. 2 arrives.

“Oh, my God, I really want to effort it erstwhile I springiness birth,” Stassi revealed during nan June 14 section of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast.

“Come on, anyone who hears astir Ozempic has to f–king beryllium curious,” Stassi noted while stating, “Have I Googled Ozempic and what it would beryllium like, and americium I reasoning astir it? Yes, I am.”

The erstwhile reality prima revealed that she had to adhere to a strict fare successful bid to suffer nan babe weight aft giving commencement to girl Hartford successful January 2021. “[After] my first pregnancy, I ate bony broth for meal for six f–king months aft I gave birth, and I benignant of don’t consciousness for illustration doing that again. Like, I don’t want to,” Stassi explained astir why she’s hoping to effort Ozempic.

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 Who Has Discussed nan Weight Loss Drug?


Garcelle Beauvais

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills prima unopen down a Twitter personification who wondered whether she had ever utilized nan weight nonaccomplishment supplier successful June 2023.

“Don’t moreover commencement pinch that Ozempic point I’m not playing that!!!” Garcelle replied.

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Amy Schumer Ozemic

Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

Amy Schumer

The comedian revealed she utilized Ozempic successful 2022 but nan results made her physically ill. “Like a twelvemonth ago, I tried it. I was 1 of those group that felt truthful sick and couldn’t play pinch my son. I was truthful skinny and he’s throwing a shot astatine maine and [I couldn’t],” the Life of Beth star shared connected nan June 8, 2023, section of Watch What Happens Live.
Amy made ray of really she astatine slightest made immoderate money disconnected of nan semaglutide, stating, “And you’re like, ‘OK, this isn’t livable for me.’ But I instantly invested because I knew everyone was going to effort it.”
The Trainwreck actress threw shadiness astatine different celebrities who aren’t honorable astir taking nan weight nonaccomplishment drug. “Everyone has been lying saying, ‘Oh smaller portions.’ Like unopen nan f—k up. You are connected Ozempic aliases 1 of those things aliases you sewage activity done. Just stop,” she continued, adding, “Be existent pinch nan people. When I sewage lipo, I said I sewage lipo.”

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Gracie McGraw Celebrities connected Ozempic

Courtesy of Gracie McGraw/Instagram

Gracie McGraw

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s girl Gracie McGraw revealed that she took Ozempic successful nan past erstwhile responding to an Instagram commenter who accused her of utilizing nan weight nonaccomplishment drug.

“I did usage Ozempic past year, yes,” Grace wrote successful June 2023. “I americium now connected a debased dose of Mounjaro for my PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) arsenic good arsenic moving out. No request to impeach erstwhile I person been unfastened astir it.”

PCOS is erstwhile a woman’s ovaries go enlarged and tin origin weight gain, excessive assemblage hairsbreadth maturation and irregular menstruation.

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 See Photos

Photo by Scott Kirkland/Shutterstock

Brittany Cartwright

The Vanderpump Rules alum responded to an Instagram commenter who alleged that she was “totally” utilizing Ozempic.

“It’s really nan .5 zoom connected nan iPhone camera lol,” Brittany replied successful May 2023.

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lauren manzo ozempic

Courtesy of Lauren Manzo/Instagram

Lauren Manzo

RHONJ alum Caroline Manzo‘s girl revealed she turned to nan injectable antidiabetic medicine Mounjaro to suffer a stubborn 30 pounds that wouldn’t travel disconnected contempt eating a strict fare and getting a thigh set followed by a gastric sleeve.

Lauren initially mislaid 50 pounds but couldn’t negociate to driblet nan remainder nary matter what she tried. “I went gluten [and] dairy free complete a twelvemonth ago. I had nan Lap-Band, I sewage it removed again. I sewage up to 208 pounds.  So, I went and I saw a functional medicine doctor,” she told Page Six‘s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast connected May 18, 2023.

“They told maine you request to beryllium gluten, dairy, soy free. I couldn’t person cucumbers, eggs, potatoes, thing for illustration that for months. And I’ve been gluten and dairy free for complete a twelvemonth now. I mislaid 50 pounds. I couldn’t suffer immoderate more,” Lauren continued.

“And my pharmacist was like, ‘Well, I heard Mounjaro works,’ and I’m like, “Oh, I’ll do anything,” nan Bravo alum revealed, saying she’d mislaid 30 pounds since February 2023.

“And I get it — group don’t for illustration it, group don’t applaud it, group aren’t whatever, but it’s a changeable successful your tummy erstwhile a week, it’s nan aforesaid arsenic Ozempic,” Lauren shared.

“I understand that group that are prediabetic aliases that are diabetic do request this, but I besides do judge that [Ozempic use] helped group [with nutrient issues too],” Lauren said, noting how RHONJ fans watched her conflict pinch weight issues since she was 20 years old.

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mark wahlberg ozempic

Courtesy of Mark Wahlberg/Instagram

Mark Wahlberg

The fittingness extreme gets up earlier dawn for his grueling workouts and has had to summation and suffer weight galore times for movie roles. “To each his own, but I do promote group to eat correct and exercise,” Mark told Page Six astir celebrities who return ozempic for weight loss.

“It’s overmuch much [of] a manner change. You’d beryllium amazed what you tin execute erstwhile you’re consenting to do nan work,” nan Ted prima continued astir losing weight “the bully old-fashioned way” alternatively of taking nan semaglutide, adding, “It will springiness you nan longevity.”

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Bethenny Frankel

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Bethenny Frankel

The former Real Housewives of New York star gave her thoughts connected nan Ozempic inclination during an April 2023 section of her “Just B pinch Bethenny Frankel” podcast, revealing that she doesn’t for illustration a weight nonaccomplishment “shortcut.” She besides added that there’s thing astir Ozempic that seems disconnected to her.

Adding that an acquaintance recalled a horrible guidance to nan drug, Bethenny went connected to opportunity that those who usage Ozempic are “sick” and are going to unnecessary lengths to execute a bladed figure.

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Celebrities Using Ozempic

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Dolores Catania

The Real Housewives of New Jersey prima showed disconnected her slimmed down fig during an April 4 quality connected Watch What Happens Live and credited Ozempic pinch her weight loss.

Dolores told big Andy Cohen that she’d been taking nan semaglutide for nan past “six weeks,” and quipped that “not one” of her costars isn’t besides utilizing Ozempic to suffer weight. “I wasn’t going to travel to nan reunion looking immoderate bigger than anyone else, truthful I sewage connected nan bandwagon,” she said.

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Celebs Talking astir Ozempic

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Sophie Turner

The character made it known that she was wholly disgusted that Ozempic ads are now promoted passim New York’s subway strategy arsenic a weight nonaccomplishment drug. Sophie shared an Instagram Story connected April 4, showing nan advertisements that a Twitter personification posted pinch nan caption, “The Ozempic ads plastered crossed nan Times Square subway position tin f–k each nan measurement off.” The Game of Thrones alum added “WTF” while sharing nan station pinch her followers.

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Celebrities Talking About Ozempic

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Julia Fox

After the Uncut Gems star mislaid 15 pounds, she clapped backmost astatine rumors that she utilized Ozempic to execute her slimdown.

“All these group are coming for maine saying that I return nan weight nonaccomplishment things … group are saying that I’m taking Ozempic aliases immoderate it’s called,” Julia stated connected nan March 17, 2023, section of her “Forbidden Fruits” podcast.

“I’m not and I’ve ne'er person … I would ne'er do that. There are diabetics that request it,” she added.

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Jimmy Kimmel

While hosting nan 2023 Oscars connected March 12, nan comedian, who hosted nan event, pointed retired really galore actors and actresses mislaid weight complete nan year, joking, “I can’t thief but wonder, ‘Is Ozempic correct for me?’”

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Stars Speaking Out astir Ozempic

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Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi

The Shahs of Sunset alum revealed she had been taking Ozempic to suffer a stubborn 11 pounds she put on. GG mislaid nan weight successful conscionable 21 days, she revealed successful a February 28, 2023, Instagram video, saying she “wasn’t going to dishonesty astir taking nan supplier for illustration immoderate celebrities.”

“I’m not judge why truthful galore group contradict taking nan shots,” GG wrote successful nan caption, adding, “Y’all tin judge successful nan comments conception below. But for those willing successful trying this, you should deed up my doctor,” and provided her sanction and interaction information.

Three months later, however, GG revealed that she had mislaid “a small spot much weight than [she] was anticipating to lose.”

With a starting weight of 138 pounds, nan erstwhile reality prima revealed that by April 30, she was down to conscionable 111 pounds.

“That’s erstwhile I knew it’s clip to trim back,” she added via Instagram connected June 8. “That’s erstwhile I started cutting down connected units and going backwards and backwards. Until finally, now I’m conscionable connected nan maintenance.”

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Celebrities Speaking Out About Ozempic

Courtesy of Meghan McCain/Instagram

Meghan McCain

The erstwhile View panelist lashed retired astatine really little than a period aft she gave commencement to her 2nd child, girl Clover Jade McCain Domenech, friends and others successful nan intermezo manufacture were urging her to usage Ozempic to thief pinch losing her babe weight.
“I person been really astonished by really many, from casual friends to manufacture acquaintances, person brought it up pinch me,” Meghan wrote successful an effort for Daily Mail on February 20, 2023. She and husband Ben Domenech welcomed Clover connected January 19.
“I’m told ‘everyone is doing it,’ arsenic if that was ever a compelling case. I perceive ‘just return nan shot,’ arsenic it has go known successful shorthand. I was moreover offered a black-market freebie by personification pinch ‘extra shots astatine home,” nan Bad Republican author continued.
“Well, fto maine make 1 point very clear. I’m not taking it. I refuse,” Meghan declared, adding, “There’s a clear civilized rumor here. It’s difficult to return a supplier because swimsuit play is astir nan corner, while others request it to enactment alive.”
“I americium realistic astir really agelong it takes to person your assemblage consciousness normal again post-baby. So, don’t unreserved me! … As for Ozempic, I would alternatively person a fewer other pounds than sprout myself up pinch medicine,” nan governmental commentator explained.

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 Who Has Discussed nan Weight Loss Drug?

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Lala Kent

“Stop taking it for weight loss. Enough already,” nan Vanderpump Rules prima told People successful February 2023. “I deliberation that Hollywood is each sorts of f—ked up. We’ve sewage to do better.”

Lala continued, “I deliberation there’s a batch of things that request to change, and it starts pinch us, and location are times wherever I rotation my eyes and say, ‘F—king do better, each of us.’ We each request to participate successful becoming amended examples for our children successful nan extracurricular world.”

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Celebrities Speaking Out About Ozempic

Courtesy of Kyle Richards/Instagram

Kyle Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills prima exclusively opened up to Life & Style astatine nan February 2023 American Red Heart Association’s Red Dress Collection show astir nan rumors that she has utilized Ozempic.

After antecedently sharing a photogenic image of herself connected societal media, Kyle recalled really location was “speculation that [she] had surgery, aliases [she] was taking Ozempic, and neither of those things is true,” pinch nan reality TV prima adding that she would “never” return nan supplier for weight loss.

Although she appreciates nan affirmative feedback she’s received astir her fittingness regimen, Kyle noted that nan “lies astir [her], of group not wanting to springiness [her] in installments for [her] difficult activity really fuss [her].”

“I person been moving retired since I was 15 years old,” nan Halloween character explained. “Each year, I effort to return it to nan adjacent level.”

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Celebrities Speaking Out About Ozempic

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Chelsea Handler

The comedian claimed she was fixed Ozempic by her anti-aging expert without knowing what it was astatine nan time. It wasn’t until she told a friend who was connected nan medicine that she was taking a semiglutide that Cheslea was told it was nan aforesaid thing. She has since gone disconnected nan supplier and warned, “Everyone is connected Ozempic. It’s gonna backfire, thing bad is gonna happen.”

While hosting nan Critics Choice Awards connected January 15, 2024, Chelsea joked astir nan wide usage of Ozempic successful Hollywood successful her opening monologue. “The connection ‘gaslighting’ was really Merriam Webster’s connection of nan year. And for those of you who don’t know, gaslighting is erstwhile personification tries to person you that your ain perceptions of reality are wrong. Like erstwhile celebrities opportunity they mislaid weight by drinking water, but really it’s because everyone’s connected Ozempic,” she quipped, arsenic nan star-studded assemblage roared pinch laughter.

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Celebrities Speaking Out About Ozempic

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Remi Bader

The curvy exemplary and TikTok prima revealed she was prescribed Ozempic successful 2020 owed to her weight summation and position arsenic an insulin-resistant pre-diabetic.

“They said I request this. And I had a batch of mixed feelings,” Remi told big Amanda Hirsch connected her “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast. “Because past … a fewer months later, I sewage into nan bad bingeing and went disconnected it.”

“It was making maine deliberation I wasn’t quiet for truthful agelong I mislaid immoderate weight. I didn’t want to beryllium obsessed pinch being connected it agelong term. I was like, ‘I stake nan 2nd I sewage disconnected I’m going to get starving again.’ I did, and my bingeing sewage truthful overmuch worse. So, past I benignant of blamed Ozempic.” Remi revealed she “gained double nan weight back” that she had mislaid while connected nan medication.

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Celebrities Speaking Out About Ozempic


Elon Musk

The Tesla laminitis tweeted successful November 2022 that he had mislaid 30 pounds from his frame. When asked by a personification what his concealed was, Elon responded, “Fasting + Ozempic/Wegovy positive nary tasty nutrient adjacent me.” Ozempic and Wegovy are nan aforesaid semaglutide medication, but nan second is disposable successful higher doses.

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