Canadian MPs vote to ban replacement workers with ‘anti-scab’ bill

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Canada’s authorities banning immoderate replacement workers, known arsenic nan “anti-scab” bill, has cleared its last ballot successful nan House of Commons.

Bill C-58 seeks to prohibition nan usage of replacement workers if there’s a onslaught successful a federally regulated workplace, a cardinal portion of nan supply-and-confidence statement betwixt nan Liberals and NDP.

The measure was adopted successful nan House of Commons pinch 317 votes successful support from each parties, and nary opposing votes. It will now caput to nan Senate.

“We dream that not only will we make judge this is banned astatine nan national level, but we tin animate provinces and territories to put successful spot akin authorities truthful that we can, erstwhile and for all, prohibition scab workers astatine each level crossed this country,” NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said up of mobility play Monday, flanked by members of nan Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).

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“That’s our eventual goal.”

Both British Columbia and Quebec person their ain pieces of authorities banning nan usage of replacement workers connected nan books already.

“This is thing that workers and their unions person been fighting for decades for. It’s incredibly important that we level nan playing section astatine nan bargaining table. And this authorities does precisely that,” CLC president Bea Bruske said Monday afternoon.

“The usage of scabs really conscionable drags retired negotiations. And not only does it resistance retired negotiations, employers tin determine that they will ne'er really get to a deal, that they’re conscionable going to effort to starve retired their workforce.”

Under this legislation, arsenic portion of occupation action some nan employer and national would person to travel to a “maintenance of services” statement connected what activity could beryllium done during a onslaught aliases lockout successful nan arena an incident took spot that threatens nationalist aliases biology wellness and safety.

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If a national feels an employer is utilizing replacement workers successful a measurement that goes beyond this agreement, they tin record a title pinch nan Canada Industrial Relations Board. If nan title is valid, nan employer faces fines of up to $100,000 per day.

In nan 2021 predetermination campaign, nan Liberals committed to bringing successful replacement worker authorities and it is besides stated arsenic a privilege successful Labour Minister Seamus O’Reagan’s instruction letter.

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Speaking connected background, a authorities root says nan attraction of work clause is nan cardinal quality for nan Liberals bringing this guardant from past bills introduced by nan NDP.

At nan clip of its introduction, O’Reagan said he plans to instrumentality nan measure 18 months aft its passage. However, nan NDP introduced an amendment to velocity up this timeline, and now nan authorities is group to return effect 12 months aft it is adopted.

With this authorities applying to federally regulated workers, it covers a wide assortment of workplaces including ports, airports, railways, telecommunications, broadcasting, banking and national Crown corporations.

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