California is making fentanyl test strips free to organizations. How to get a kit

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In an effort to slow nan proliferation of synthetic opioid-related deaths, California will statesman offering free fentanyl-testing strips to eligible organizations crossed nan authorities that inquire for them, nan authorities Department of Health Care Services announced Thursday.

The tests will beryllium made disposable done nan state’s Naloxone Distribution Project, a web of organizations that ships naloxone (commonly sold nether nan marque sanction Narcan) — a medicine that quickly reverses an opioid overdose — for free to first responders, schools, harm simplification organizations, tribal entities and nationalist wellness agencies. The task is funded done authorities wide costs and ineligible settlements.

“Fentanyl trial strips tin beryllium a useful summation to time-tested harm simplification strategies, specified arsenic ne'er utilizing unsocial and ever carrying naloxone,” Pike Long, a harm simplification master pinch nan authorities Department of Public Health Services, said successful a statement.

There are 2 kinds of fentanyl, pharmaceutical and illicitly manufactured fentanyl. The second is distributed done forbidden supplier markets for its heroin-like effect and often sold arsenic counterfeit pills. It tin besides beryllium up to 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine.

The state’s astir caller nationalist wellness information show 6,473 deaths were related to fentanyl overdoses successful 2022 and much than 21,000 emergency section visits were related to immoderate type of opioid-related overdose.

With Thursday’s announcement, nan Naloxone Distribution Project’s database of eligibile entities tin now use for a proviso of fentanyl testing kits online that person a measuring scoop, nan fentanyl trial strip, a h2o pouch and trial instructions.

The all-in-one fentanyl trial portion kits besides trim errors successful testing narcotics for fentanyl by including clear markings connected nan h2o pouch to forestall nether and complete dilution, and a consequence guideline for trial comparison.

Where to get trial strips

Los Angeles LGBTQ Center
The center provides free fentanyl trial strips to those who petition them. It besides provides free aliases low-cost, comprehensive, judgment-free addiction betterment services. For much information, email aliases telephone (323) 993-7448.

APLA Health
APLA Health has multiple locations passim Los Angeles County that connection trial strips, including Koreatown, 2 locations successful Baldwin Hills, Mid-Wilshire, downtown L.A. and Long Beach. It besides offers curen that tin thief trim aliases destruct behaviors that prolong addiction and constituent use. For much accusation telephone (323) 215-1725 aliases sojourn

The nonprofit Team Awareness Combating Overdose provides pickup and transportation options for 1-cent trial strips connected assemblage campuses, including UC Berkeley, USC, UCLA and UC Santa Barbara. TACO partners pinch transportation apps Duffl and Handle. Or you tin prime up a trial astatine a location listed connected TACO’s website.

End Overdose
The organization provides training and devices to dainty group who overdose and forestall decease done education, aesculapian involution and nationalist awareness. It sells packages of 5 fentanyl testing strips online for $7.99. Each package comes pinch a QR sticker that erstwhile scanned leads to directions connected really to usage nan trial strips.

County health clinics
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health operates 14 wellness centers that supply free and low-cost services to those pinch nary security aliases who do not person a regular healthcare provider. The section has a list of its wellness clinics and encourages group to sojourn their section session for free fentanyl trial strips.

Engagement and Overdose Preventation Hubs
The hubs are Los Angeles County-contracted syringe work providers that connection harm simplification services, peer-led acquisition and peer-led support services. There is an online schedule of locations that administer fentanyl trial strips.

How do you usage fentanyl trial strips?

If you person a supplier that wasn’t legitimately prescribed and supplied to you by aesculapian professionals, use a trial portion anterior to ingestion to cheque whether it contains fentanyl.

According to TACO, different types of narcotics require different preparations for amended trial accuracy:

  • Powders: Shake and thoroughly operation successful nan container that nan supplier came in. Any chunks request to beryllium surgery up.
  • Crystals: Crush into a good powder and operation thoroughly.
  • Pills: Crush into good powder and operation thoroughly.

Then, harvester astir a spoonful of h2o and a mini magnitude of nan supplier (TACO suggests utilizing a sample astir nan size of a strawberry seed). Put nan trial portion into nan mixture, holding it by nan coagulated bluish extremity and inserting it nary farther than nan heavy bluish “MAX” line. The number of seconds it takes to complete nan trial will vary, truthful travel nan directions connected nan kit aliases nan instructions fixed to you by nan statement providing nan strip.

A azygous colored statement is simply a affirmative result, meaning fentanyl is coming and you shouldn’t devour nan drug. A double colored statement is simply a antagonistic result.

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