Calgary workshops teach American Sign Language, foster inclusion

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In a mini unassuming room, a unsocial group gathers erstwhile a week, agreed by a communal goal: learning to pass beyond nan limits of sound.

Eileen Levie, an advocator for connection and connection, leads nan group. She shares her insights connected nan challenges and rewards of school American Sign Language (ASL).

“I cognize group tin beryllium a small awkward pinch deaf group and they want to constitute backmost and distant erstwhile I show them that I’m deaf,” Levie explains.

Levie moved to nan Pineridge neighbourhood successful 2022 and quickly began sharing ASL pinch her neighbours. Her dedication to bridging connection gaps has made a important impact.

“I deliberation what I want group to cognize is that I really for illustration teaching, and truthful this group is learning American Sign Language,” Levie says.

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Her efforts caught nan attraction of City of Calgary Community Social Worker Megan Solamillo, who saw nan imaginable for a broader impact.

“She was signing to her neighbours, and she was really excited to beryllium school them. So I asked her if she would beryllium consenting to thatch nan broader community, and she said yes, she would emotion to,” Solamillo recalls.

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With nan support of Deaf and Hear Alberta, Solamillo supported Levie successful starring play lessons astatine Village Square Leisure Centre, school nan fundamentals of ASL to others.

The free sessions person attracted a divers group of participants from astir nan world, including Pakistan and Afghanistan. Levie’s ngo is clear: to see everyone successful nan conversation.

The ASL workshops tally each Tuesday until June 25th and will resume successful nan fall.

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