Calgary officials to provide update on water supply situation Tuesday

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While a boil h2o advisory that had been issued past week for a northwest Calgary neighbourhood has now been lifted, nan metropolis continues to look h2o proviso concerns arsenic crews respond to a important h2o main break that happened past week.

In a news merchandise issued Monday night, Alberta Health Services said it had rescinded a boil h2o advisory that had been successful spot for nan Bowness neighbourhood for respective days.

“As h2o value has been restored, nan boil h2o advisory issued June 5, 2024, has been lifted, effective immediately,” nan wellness authority said.

A h2o main break occurred successful nan Montgomery neighbourhood connected Wednesday and resulted successful nan boil h2o advisory being issued for Bowness. As a consequence of nan break, Calgarians were besides asked to extremity utilizing h2o outdoors and do their champion to minimize indoor h2o use.

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City officials person described nan surgery feeder main arsenic a “critical h2o transmission line.” They statement nan harm has “severely impacted” Calgary’s h2o proviso and nan expertise to move h2o crossed nan metropolis and person warned that without conservation efforts from Calgarians, proviso whitethorn not beryllium capable to meet demand.

In a news merchandise issued precocious Monday afternoon, metropolis officials said crews are “advancing connected activity to repair, … (the) ample feeder main break.”

They said crews had already removed a conception of damaged pipe, and nan removal of 2 much was underway. They added that video was being reviewed to thief understand nan grade of nan damage.

A timeline for completing nan repair and to assistance nan h2o restrictions is still being worked on.

“I want to convey nan crews, engineers and different dedicated unit we person moving 24/7 to repair nan Bearspaw South Feedermain and reconstruct normal h2o proviso crossed our city,” said Nancy Mackay, nan city’s h2o services director.

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“We are very grateful to Calgarians and section businesses who person been truthful diligent arsenic we activity connected these repairs. Your actions to trim h2o usage are making it imaginable for america to do this captious work.”

Mackay is scheduled to speak astatine a news convention planned for 2 p.m. section clip connected Tuesday. She will beryllium joined by Mayor Jyoti Gondek and Susan Henry, nan main of nan Calgary Emergency Management Agency.

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