Cale was a fit and healthy dad of two. Now his wife must raise their children alone after a deadly reaction to an ingredient found in many supplements - and you probably have a packet at home

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A beloved father-of-two has tragically died aft allegedly suffering an allergic guidance to an constituent commonly recovered successful acold and flu tablets.

Cale Agosta suffered irreversible encephalon harm aft taking ArmaForce, which is simply a supplement that tin beryllium bought over-the-counter astatine pharmacies, according to a fundraiser group up for his family.

ArmaForce's ingredients are andrographis paniculata, olea europea, echinacea purpurea, zinc amino acerb chelate and ascorbic acerb vitamin C.

Sydney University Professor Andrew McLachlan, who is nan Head of School and Dean of Pharmacy, said nan 3 main herbal ingredients successful ArmaForce are besides recovered successful a scope of different over-the-counter medicines.

He reassured that ArmaForce was a 'safe and debased risk' medicine and that nan terrible guidance to nan constituent was 'rare'.

Cale Agosta suffered irreversible encephalon harm aft taking ArmaForce, which is simply a supplement that tin beryllium bought over-the-counter astatine pharmacies

Mr Agosta's wife, Tekita, has now been near pinch nan task of raising their two-year-old and seven-month-old daughters alone.

'Cale is simply a loyal friend, a devoted hubby and a loving father. An electrician by trade, he was nan main supplier for nan family,' a friend of nan family, Steve Brittain, wrote connected GoFundMe.

'If nan roles were reversed, I cognize Cale would springiness america nan garment disconnected his backmost arsenic I watched him do it play for 20 years. Forever helping others pinch overseas jobs and asking thing successful return.' 

Mr Agosta's sister-in-law, Tegan, besides shared a heartfelt connection pursuing his death.

'Cale, I don't person galore words astatine this point. It doesn't look existent and I americium still successful shock,' she said.

Mr Agosta suffered encephalon harm from an allergic guidance and was incapable to beryllium recover

Mr Agosta's woman Tekita has now been near pinch nan task of raising their two-year-old and seven-month-old daughters alone

'How incredibly fortunate we each were to person specified a benignant and funny personification successful our lives for nan clip that we did and really sadistic life tin beryllium to return you truthful soon.

'I could person ne'er asked for a amended relative successful rule and I will beryllium everlastingly grateful to person you arsenic portion of my life. You will beryllium hugely missed each and everyday.

'Thank you for creating and nurturing specified a funny kid successful Violet, I cognize you were truthful proud of her joke and that will beryllium our solace going forward.'

Mr Brittain has since launched a GoFundMe to thief financially support Ms Agosta and her 2 children.

The fundraiser has truthful acold received much than $92,000 successful donations.

ArmaForce, owned by BioCeuticals, is described arsenic a 'comprehensive vegan look combining andrographis and immune-supporting nutrients' that is utilized to dainty mild communal acold and flu symptoms.

Mr Agosta has been remembered arsenic a loving and supportive father-of-two

 'Andrographis decreases nan severity of symptoms of mild precocious respiratory tract infections, including sore throat, headache, runny nose, cough, fatigue and restless sleep. Zinc and vitamin C support patient immune strategy function,' nan website reads.

Adults are told to return 1 tablet a time for a maximum of 2 weeks.

A informing explanation connected nan vessel reads: 'Andrographis whitethorn origin sensation disturbance, including nonaccomplishment of taste, nonaccomplishment of appetite, vomiting and abdominal discomfort.

'Andrographis whitethorn origin allergic reactions successful immoderate people. If you person a terrible guidance (such arsenic anaphylaxis) extremity usage and activity contiguous aesculapian attention.'

ArmaForce, owned by BioCeuticals, tin beryllium bought complete nan antagonistic astatine pharmacies without a prescription

More than 800 reports of adverse reactions to ArmaForce tablets person been registered pinch nan Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), while nary deaths person been reported.

The astir communal guidance reported was a nonaccomplishment of sensation while anaphylaxis was besides noted among patients.

The TGA issued a information advisory for 1 of ArmaForce's ingredients, andrographis paniculata, saying it had nan imaginable to alteration a person's consciousness of taste. 

'ArmaForce is wide considered and regulated arsenic a safe and debased consequence medicine, and complete 100 products person these aforesaid herbal ingredients successful them,' Prof McLachlan told Daily Mail Australia.

'This could've happened for immoderate number of herbal medicines you tin get complete nan antagonistic and it's very uncommon and unpredictable.'

Prof McLachlan said Mr Agosta's lawsuit was a 'good reminder' that group tin person allergic reactions to each types of medicine.

He pointed to penicillin, which is seen arsenic a comparatively safe medicine, but those who are allergic tin acquisition life-threatening symptoms.

The professor said it's apt Mr Agosta whitethorn person gone into shock, and his humor unit whitethorn person dropped causing him to suffer encephalon damage.

'It's a bully reminder that immoderate medicine and moreover foods tin spot group person a guidance and really to respond to it is very important,' he said.

A spokesperson for BioCeutical's genitor institution Blackmores told Daily Mail Australia: 'The wellness and information of our consumers is our number 1 priority, and we return suspected adverse events very seriously. 

'We person a strict pharmacovigilance strategy successful spot to analyse reports of suspected adverse events associated pinch our products.

'We person been made alert of nan Go Fund Me page and are investigating nan alleged adverse event.

'If consumers aliases their family members person knowledgeable a suspected adverse arena associated pinch our product, we promote them to interaction nan BioCeuticals Naturopathic Advisory Team connected 1300 650 455 aliases by email astatine'

A GoFundMe has been launched to financially support Mr Agosta's family

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