B.C. store owner saves senior from falling prey to Bitcoin scam

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A White Rock, B.C., business proprietor says she is happy she was capable to thief a elder debar being scammed.

On June 5, Priya Badesha, co-owner of nan Red Rooster Food Store, said she noticed an older man locomotion into nan shop and caput towards nan backmost wherever nan Bitcoin instrumentality is located.

Badesha said nan man was connected his telephone and he looked very frustrated.

“I went up to him. I’m like, ‘Sir, is location thing I tin thief you with?’,” she said.

“And, he’s like, ‘Yeah, tin you show maine really to usage this machine?'”

Badesha said she would thief but she asked him why he needed to usage nan machine. That’s erstwhile she could perceive nan man connected nan telephone instruct nan elder to show her he was speaking to his financial adviser.

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“He sounded a small spot suspicious, truthful I said, ‘No problem. I tin thief you’,” Badesha said.

She past pretended to spell and thief different customer and that’s erstwhile she called nan White Rock RCMP non-emergency line.

 'Nanaimo elder wiped retired successful cryptocurrency scam'

2:12 Nanaimo elder wiped retired successful cryptocurrency scam

RCMP officers showed up quickly, Badesha added, and erstwhile constabulary asked to talk to nan man connected nan phone, that’s erstwhile nan suspected scammer hung up.

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Badesha said she feels grateful she was capable to thief but she said they spot group trying to usage nan Bitcoin instrumentality almost daily.

“I person truthful galore friends and I cognize their parents, grandparents person been scammed,” she said.

“So anytime I tin thief anybody to spot if you don’t cognize what Bitcoin is it’s not legit aliases personification offering you a occupation pinch nan money, if you salary them successful beforehand it’s not legit.”

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Badesha said she precocious saw a young woman effort to usage nan instrumentality and put $1,000 successful Bitcoin and she said nan woman had been offered a $3,000 job, which was a scam.

“These guys are truthful smart that they make you deliberation that they’re legit, but they’re not,” she said.

 'Police pass astir bitcoin scam'

3:03 Police pass astir bitcoin scam

White Rock RCMP said nan champion point to do if anyone is contacted by personification demanding money to bent up nan telephone aliases delete nan email aliases online message.

Badesha said she will proceed to thief wherever she can.

“Anytime I tin thief somebody, it makes maine consciousness amended that I prevention somebody’s money,” she said.

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