Amy Schumer shares Cushing syndrome diagnosis to 'advocate for women's health'

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Comedian Amy Schumer has Cushing syndrome, a hormonal upset prompted by getting steroid injections successful precocious doses.

The test revelation came little than a week aft nan “Trainwreck” and “Life & Beth” star addressed criticism of her “puffier than normal” face aft a “Tonight Show” appearance earlier this month. Schumer initially attributed nan alteration to endometriosis, which she has openly discussed for years, arsenic good arsenic “medical and hormonal things going connected successful [her] world correct now.” Although she said she was OK astatine nan time, connected Friday she disclosed her charismatic diagnoses successful Jessica Yellin’s News Not Noise newsletter to “advocate for women’s health” and promote women to beryllium “relentless erstwhile fighting for their ain health.”

“I consciousness reborn,” nan 42-year-old said successful nan newsletter. “There are a fewer types of Cushing. Some that tin beryllium fatal, require encephalon room aliases removal of adrenal glands. While I was doing property connected camera for my Hulu show, I was besides successful MRI machines 4 hours astatine a time, having my veins unopen down from nan magnitude of humor drawn and reasoning I whitethorn not beryllium astir to spot my boy turn up. So uncovering retired I person nan benignant of Cushing that will conscionable activity itself retired and I’m patient was nan top news imaginable.”

Cushing syndrome happens erstwhile nan assemblage has excessively overmuch cortisol, either from making excessively overmuch of nan accent hormone successful nan adrenal glands aliases from taking medicines that impact nan assemblage successful nan aforesaid measurement cortisol would for a agelong time, according to nan Mayo Clinic. Too overmuch cortisol tin lead to a round, red, afloat look (also known arsenic satellite face), weight gain, bladed tegument pinch easy bruising, backaches during regular activities, bony symptom aliases tenderness, postulation of fat betwixt nan shoulders and supra nan collarbone, arsenic good arsenic anxiety, fatigue and headache.

Schumer, who has a 4-year aged boy pinch her husband, chef Chris Fischer, said it’s “been a crazy mates weeks” for her family while she juggled her fears astir her wellness while being “on camera having nan net chime in” during nan “Life & Beth” Season 2 property tour.

The Emmy-winning “Inside Amy Schumer” prima said she was somewhat grateful for nan online sermon — which she antecedently referred to arsenic “feedback and deliberation astir my appearance” — because it’s really she “realized thing was wrong. Just for illustration erstwhile I realized I had named my boy thing that didn’t sound truthful good. The net is undefeated, arsenic they say.”

“The shaming and disapproval of our ever-changing bodies is thing I person dealt pinch and witnessed for a agelong time,” said Schumer, who has addressed those topics successful her comedy, connected movie and connected TV. “I want truthful overmuch for women to emotion themselves and beryllium relentless erstwhile fighting for their ain wellness successful a strategy that usually doesn’t judge them.”

She added that “this is simply a bully illustration of nan truth that we ne'er cognize what is going connected pinch someone. Everyone is struggling pinch something.”

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