America's dirtiest cities are revealed - and New York isn't the worst

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It has earnt a estimation for its trash-filled, rat-riddled sidewalks but New York is not America's dirtiest city, according to a caller study. 

Research published by LawnStarter classed nan filthiest metros crossed nan country, taking into account factors specified arsenic aerial quality, infrastructure problems, and nan number of pests scurrying astir successful people's homes.

Its findings showed Houston, Texas, is now nan dirtiest metropolis successful nan US aft overtaking Newark, New Jersey, from past year.

Newark, which is crossed nan Hudson River from New York City, still classed successful 2nd place.

And while nan Big Apple didn't declare nan number 1 spot, it did unafraid 12th place. 

Houston surpassed Newark arsenic nan dirtiest metropolis successful 2023, mostly owed to issues pinch contamination and cockroach infestations

Across nan 152 cities that were analyzed, Houston was nan 3rd astir polluted wide and had nan 3rd worst greenhouse state emissions from ample business facilities. 

The metropolis of 2.3 cardinal besides has nan biggest cockroach problem, according to information LawnStarter's sister site PestGnome pulled from nan Census Bureau.

Southern states successful wide look to person acold much cockroach-infested homes arsenic San Antonio, Texas and Tampa, Florida rounded retired nan apical three.

And Americans terrified of mice aliases rats should steer clear of Boston, Philadelphia aliases Baltimore, which were nan apical 3 cities for rodents to populate successful homes.  

California besides had a number of bad showings connected nan database contempt its billions of dollars of spending to cleanable up bum shelters complete nan past 5 years.

By comparison, San Francisco spent a grounds $72.5 million on thoroughfare cleaning successful 2019 and has been classed among nan cleaner half of cities successful nan US. 

Since then, nan thoroughfare cleaning section of nan city's Department of Public Works received a $16.7 cardinal fund summation successful 2023, CBS reported.

The Golden Gate Bridge building pinch San Francisco cityscape successful nan background

Afternoon position of nan downtown skyline of San Bernardino, California, which was nan 4th dirtiest metropolis successful America owed to its mediocre aerial quality. Many different cities successful nan Golden State person bad aerial value from pollution

Ontario, California is pictured from overhead. The metropolis is tied pinch San Bernadino for nan worst aerial value successful nan country

Riverside, California, besides has nan worst aerial value successful nan state alongside Ontario and San Bernadino. All 3 cities are eastbound of Los Angeles and adjacent galore factories and warehouses

San Bernadino, colloquially known arsenic nan 'armpit' of California among locals, was nan 4th dirtiest metropolis mostly because of its mediocre aerial quality. 

Riverside and Ontario, which are besides successful nan Los Angeles metro area, were tied pinch San Bernardino for nan worst aerial value successful nan country.

These LA adjacent cities, erstwhile filled pinch orangish groves and grape vineyards, person mostly been replaced pinch pollution-heavy warehouses. About 1 cardinal quadrate feet of storage abstraction to beryllium exact, The Verge reported successful 2022.

Residents of San Bernadino were nan astir dissatisfied pinch nan cleanliness of their metropolis for nan 2nd twelvemonth successful a row, according to information from nan study.

The LawnStarter study besides claimed nan southwestern US had problems pinch drinking h2o contamination.

'Except for Salt Lake City, each Southwest metropolis we classed violated nan Safe Drinking Water Act astatine slightest erstwhile successful 2020, nan twelvemonth of nan astir caller EPA data,' according to nan study.

Las Vegas - nan 19th dirtiest wide - had nan astir unsafe h2o successful nan southwest.

Las Vegas had nan astir unsafe h2o successful nan southwestern US, according to nan study

Salt Lake City, Utah, was nan only metropolis successful nan southwest that didn't person awesome drinking h2o violations successful 2020, per nan astir caller EPA data

Virginia Beach, Virginia was classed nan cleanest metropolis successful nan US. It was tied pinch 3 different cities successful California and New Jersey for having nan fewest greenhouse state emissions from ample accommodation per capita

However, nan astir evident image that comes to mind erstwhile 1 thinks of a soiled metropolis is littering. 

Interestingly, nan authors of nan study declare that Ohioans specifically has a unsocial wont of flicking their utilized cigarettes connected nan ground.

Local media successful northeast Ohio has picked up connected nan sheer magnitude of discarded cigaret butts successful nan state, pinch reporting connected accusation campaigns backmost successful 2021 to discourage group from littering.

Five Ohio cities that LawnStarter classed were among localities pinch nan highest stock of smokers successful nan US. 

Many cities that were adjacent to h2o successful California, Virginia and North Carolina were nan cleanest connected nan list. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia was classed nan cleanest metropolis successful nan US, though nan study said being connected nan seashore isn't nan extremity each beryllium each to having a metro free of waste.

In fact, inland cities specified arsenic Fremont, California and Winston-Salem, North Carolina were besides among nan astir immaculate.

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