Air Fryer Potato Wedges

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Air Fryer Potato Wedges are ace crispy pinch little oil! Quick, delicious, and versatile, they're nan cleanable snack aliases side, offering a healthier crunch that satisfies each time. Kids emotion them too!

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These aerial fryer murphy wedges are a breeze to make, serving arsenic a awesome appetizer, broadside dish, aliases a snack loved by kids! Versatile and flavorful, they’re perfect for dipping. You tin ne'er person capable aerial fryer recipes and these murphy wedges are a standout! Being a murphy enthusiast myself, this elemental look is my apical prime for a speedy broadside dish. Serve pinch these Air Fryer Chicken Tenders!

Air fryer murphy wedges.

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With their delicious crispiness, cleanable seasoning, and caller cut, these wedges spell good pinch immoderate meal. Whether arsenic a side, appetizer, aliases snack, they’re a deed each time. Plus, they’re a healthier replacement to accepted fries owed to their minimal lipid usage. Pair them pinch homemade ketchup, ranch dressing, aliases your preferred aioli for endless dipping possibilities!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • Compared to deep-fried potatoes, air-fried versions usage importantly little oil, making them a lighter action you tin consciousness bully about.
  • The aerial fryer’s magic touch ensures perfectly crisp exteriors each azygous time, without nan request for changeless monitoring.
  • From prepping nan potatoes to enjoying them piping hot, this look comes together successful nether 40 minutes.
  • Air fryer murphy wedges are a blank canvas for your spirit creativity. Experiment pinch different spices, herbs, and moreover food for endless possibilities.
  • They are awesome paired pinch steak, burgers, basking dogs, grilled chicken, pork, and more.
  • Top pinch our celebrated pulled pork for loaded fries!
  • Kids and picky eaters emotion them.
  • This look is awesome for galore diets and lifestyles. They are gluten free, dairy free, sweetener free, vegan, vegetarian, and seed free.
  • Check retired these Air Fryer Hash Browns for different crispy murphy recipe.

Ingredients & Substitutes

These are nan main ingredients and substitutions for these aerial fryer murphy wedges. Scroll down to nan look paper for nan full recipe.

Russet potatoes are patient and incorporate little moisture, important for preventing limp fries. Alternatively, you tin opt for Yukon golden potatoes, versatile capable for frying purposes. It’s advisable to steer clear of waxy varieties specified arsenic red-skinned, new, aliases fingerling potatoes.

A small oliva lipid helps makes nan wedges crispy. Use avocado lipid if needed.

Season pinch oversea salt, pepper, and ail powder. For a much spicy flavor, usage cayenne powder aliases chili powder.

Ingredients for aerial fryer murphy wedges.

Taste & Texture

Air Fryer Potato Wedges sensation for illustration other crispy French fries! They are lightly seasoned pinch oversea salt, pepper, and ail powder.

They are crispy connected nan extracurricular and soft and fluffy inside. Boiling nan potatoes beforehand allows them to beryllium cooked through.

How to Make

Step 1

First, lavation and pat barren nan potatoes.

Step 2

Cut nan potatoes lengthwise.  Then, portion them again into wedges.

Step 3

For other crispy wedges, boil nan potatoes for 15 to 20 minutes, aliases until fork tender.  This removes nan starch and allows nan potatoes to stay fluffy wrong while becoming crispy connected nan outside.

Boiled murphy slices.

Step 4

Drain and pat nan potatoes dry.  Toss nan murphy wedges pinch oliva oil, oversea salt, pepper, and ail powder.

Seasoned murphy wedges.

Step 5

Arrange successful a azygous furniture (do not overlap) successful your aerial fryer basket.  Air fry astatine 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.  Then, flip complete and navigator for different 10 minutes.  Add much clip if needed.

Air fryer handbasket pinch potatoes.
Crispy potatoes successful aerial fryer.

Step 6

Lastly, region from nan aerial fryer.  Serve these aerial fryer murphy wedges pinch your prime of dipping sauce!

Expert Tips for Success

Follow these tips and tricks for nan champion aerial fryer murphy wedges.

Choose nan Right Potato: Russet potatoes are perfect for their starch content, contributing to nan cleanable crispy texture.

Even Sizing: Cut your wedges arsenic to guarantee moreover cooking.

Don’t Overcrowd: Air circulation is cardinal successful an aerial fryer. Cook successful batches if necessary.

Preheat Your Air Fryer: Just for illustration an oven, starting astatine nan correct somesthesia is important if your aerial fryer requires it. Ours does not request to beryllium preheated.

Flavor Variations & Add-Ins

While classical aerial fryer murphy wedges are a hit, don’t beryllium acrophobic to research pinch flavors and add-ins. Here are a fewer ideas to get you started.

Seasoning Varieties: From ail parmesan to spicy cajun, changing nan seasoning tin wholly toggle shape your wedges.

Herb Infusions: Try tossing your murphy wedges pinch caller herbs for illustration rosemary aliases thyme aft cooking for a refreshing flavor.

Cheesy Delight: A sprinkle of grated food specified arsenic parmesan successful nan past fewer minutes of cooking adds a savory touch that’s difficult to resist.

Crispy aureate broadside dish.

How to Serve & Store

Serve your aerial fryer murphy wedges basking from nan fryer pinch your favourite dipping sauces. They are cleanable alongside burgers, grilled meats, aliases moreover arsenic a hearty snack connected their own.

For an easy patient dinner, brace pinch this Air Fryer Mahi Mahi.

For storage, spot immoderate leftovers successful an airtight instrumentality and refrigerate. To reheat, popular them backmost successful nan aerial fryer for a fewer minutes to reconstruct their crispy texture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My wedges are sticking to nan basket. What went wrong?

The handbasket mightiness not person been preheated aliases nan wedges weren’t barren enough.

Can I adhd different vegetables?

Absolutely! Bell peppers, saccharine murphy wedges, and bulb wedges activity well. Just set nan cooking clip based connected nan vegetable’s density.

Can I make this look pinch saccharine potatoes?

Absolutely! Sweet potatoes tin beryllium a delicious and nutritious alternative. Just set nan cooking clip arsenic needed.

Do I request to boil nan potatoes earlier aerial frying?

While boiling isn’t wholly necessary, it does thief nan potatoes go ace fluffy inside!

Close up of murphy wedge.

Equipment Needed

Air Fryer: I usage this aerial fryer almost each azygous day!

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