2 dead at popular swimming spot in Elgin, N.B.

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Two young men died successful nan stream astatine Gibson Falls successful Elgin, N.B., according to nan New Brunswick RCMP.

On Monday astatine 3:30 p.m., first responders, including nan Elgin, Petitcodiac and Sussex occurrence departments arsenic good arsenic Ambulance New Brunswick, responded to a study astir 2 men successful aesculapian distress successful nan river.

A 21-year-old man died astatine nan segment aft first responders attempted life-saving measures.

A 24-year-old man’s assemblage was recovered from nan stream connected Tuesday morning.

They were some citizens of India, according to a written connection issued by nan NB RCMP.

Lifelong Elgin resident Jason Humphrey, who lives adjacent nan falls, said he was startled by nan sound of sirens connected Monday afternoon.

“We don’t request worldly for illustration this, it’s difficult connected nan Elgin community,” Humphrey said.

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“I was speechless. I didn’t cognize what to say.”

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Elgin Volunteer Fire Department Chief Kent Steeves told Global News the celebrated swimming spot attracts tons of group from retired of municipality each summer.

He said visitors often jump disconnected nan cliffs to get into nan h2o basin.

“It’s difficult to get down successful there. You beautiful good person to jump is nan easiest measurement and it’s difficult to get down and difficult to get up,” he said.

It’s not known whether nan 2 men who died had jumped into nan water.

Steeves said his section gets astatine slightest 1 telephone a twelvemonth related to group needing thief astatine Gibson Falls.

They’ve already been called a fewer times this year.

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“Every clip that we get called retired successful nan mediate of nan daytime is ever a strain because galore of nan group reporting to america activity retired of town,” he said.

“So we’re near pinch a short unit and we person to usage communal assistance partners to activity connected these calls.”

He said anyone who goes swimming astatine Gibson Falls, which is located connected backstage property, is going astatine their ain risk.

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“One gaffe 1 measurement aliases nan different tin surely origin them to beryllium successful immoderate benignant of trouble,” he said.

Humphrey urges anyone who wants to spell swimming location to beryllium cautious and not return immoderate unnecessary risks.

“When it gets unsafe, calamity happens, whether they get severely injured aliases they walk distant because they couldn’t do what they wanted to do.”

The New Brunswick coroner’s agency is assisting pinch nan investigation, arsenic autopsies are scheduled to find nan nonstop origin of decease for some men, according to nan New Brunswick RCMP.

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