10 Ways to Style Clip In Hair Extensions for More Volume

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Believe it aliases not, hairsbreadth extensions aren’t conscionable astir adding mermaid-worthy length. You tin usage your clip successful hairsbreadth extensions to execute a assortment of chic hairstyles, including flirty Barbie ponytails, relaxed formation waves, photogenic fishtail braids, and saccharine half-up hair. In fact, you tin moreover customize hairsbreadth extensions to lick galore problems your hairsbreadth faces connected a regular basis, whether it’s short, thinning, aliases flat.

One of our favourite reasons to usage clip successful extensions is for sky-high volume. If you’ve spent hours trying to get voluminous locks pinch power tools, hairspray, and different styling products, only to person your hairsbreadth autumn level during nan day, don’t fret! No matter your hairsbreadth type aliases length, you tin execute thicker and fuller styles instantly pinch a small hairsbreadth hold magic. If you person thinner hair, extensions tin springiness you a natural-looking and effortlessly afloat look successful minutes.

If you person shorter hairsbreadth and deliberation extensions aren’t for you, deliberation again! Our caller 12 Inch Seamless Extensions will perfectly complement shorter lengths while adding mega measurement and a fuller look. The group includes 10 wefts and is disposable successful 40 different colors. 12 inch hairsbreadth extensions typically autumn astir nan shoulder, truthful they won’t overwhelm shorter lengths. Embrace your short locks while adding measurement pinch Luxy hairsbreadth extensions.

12 Inch Seamless Extensions

Want proof? Here are immoderate earnestly stunning ways to style hairsbreadth extensions for volume. From glamorous vintage waves to rocker-chic shags, there’s a look successful this database for each type of occasion, including weddings, date night, and typical events.

1. Voluminous lob 

Lobs, besides known arsenic agelong bobs, are a universally flattering hairstyle, whether you’re rocking 1 pinch layers, messy texture, aliases ombre color. This style is each astir letting your hair’s personality radiance through. Plus, you won’t person to interest astir awkward grow-out phases pinch nan lob.

To style a lob pinch mega volume, you’ll request high-quality clip connected hairsbreadth extensions, hairdresser scissors, immoderate combs, and a hairsbreadth clip. Our Application Kit will thief support each your devices organized, whether astatine location aliases connected nan go. Start pinch barren hairsbreadth that’s freshly washed and clip successful your 12 inch hairsbreadth extensions toward nan bottommost of your head. Take an hold pinch 3 clips and clip it onto nan backmost of your head, past spot different 1 correct connected top. Next, spot a group pinch 2 clips connected each side, correct down nan ears.

Then return a group pinch 4 clips to put successful on nan backmost of your head, followed by different 1 connected top.

After securely clipping successful your extensions, usage hairdresser scissors to blend perfectly pinch your earthy hair. If your hairsbreadth is astir shoulder-length, you astir apt will not person to do overmuch cutting pinch 12 inch extensions. After nan magnitude is connected point, return your earthy hairsbreadth retired of nan clip and brushwood it retired pinch a comb, doing immoderate touch-ups arsenic needed. Now you’re fresh for nan nosy part, styling! First use immoderate root-lifting spray for texture and measurement spray conscionable supra nan hairsbreadth extensions. You should already beryllium seeing immoderate va-va-voom volume. If you want to return your lob to nan adjacent level, adhd a fewer curls into your hairsbreadth pinch a bladed curling iron.

2. Glamorous retro waves

Want to adhd immoderate glamour to your look? Consider giving Velcro Hair Rollers a spin. These old-school rollers will springiness you bouncy, beautiful hairsbreadth successful a fewer easy steps. Plus, they’re heatless, truthful they’re safe for earthy hairsbreadth and extensions.

To usage velcro rollers, commencement pinch bedewed hair. Apply styling mousse and fto hairsbreadth aerial dry. When your hairsbreadth is somewhat damp, you’re fresh to roll! First conception hairsbreadth into 3 parts, past into smaller sections to lucifer nan size of your rollers. The bigger nan roller, nan much volume. Hold a conception of hairsbreadth retired consecutive and rotation nan ends inward astir nan roller. Repeat until each sections are securely successful spot pinch rollers. Let hairsbreadth beryllium for astir 20 minutes. If you want to return nan measurement up a notch, popular successful immoderate rollers astir nan crown of your caput and time off them while you do your constitution aliases get dressed.

3. Sweet broadside braid

If you’re searching for nan cleanable braid style to make you consciousness special, look nary further than this voluminous broadside braid. Whether heading to a summertime statement aliases nan first time of class, this romanticist hairstyle will move heads.

Start by utilizing a curling robust to adhd loose waves to your earthy hairsbreadth and extensions. Spray locks pinch a power protectant spray to minimize power damage. After your hairsbreadth is curled, bring it to 1 broadside of your head. Divide hairsbreadth astatine nan temple and securely clip successful a weft pinch 3 clips. Take a conception of hairsbreadth from nan apical and necktie it into a ponytail pinch an elastic. Carefully make a small spread successful nan elastic, flip nan ponytail, and bring nan hairsbreadth done nan hole. This will shape nan topsy tail portion of nan braid. Next, create different ponytail pinch hairsbreadth from nan different broadside of your head. Make different topsy tail. Repeat until you person 3 aliases 4 topsy tails from nan temple to nan ear. Secure a three-clip weft at the roots underneath nan bottommost tail. Bring each of your remaining hairsbreadth together and braid it into a fishtail. Use an elastic to unafraid nan bottom. As a finishing touch for other volume, mildly propulsion isolated small pieces of nan braid to make it look heavy and full. Add immoderate sparkly hairsbreadth clips, flowers, aliases headband to jazz it up moreover more.

4. Bouncy blowout

You don’t person to schedule an assignment astatine nan salon to get a bouncy blowout. You tin execute this connection style astatine location pinch volumizing shampoo and conditioner, and don’t hide to use power protectant spray earlier utilizing your rustle dryer. After your hairsbreadth is washed, prepped, and you’ve clipped successful your extensions, use a thickening aliases volumizing spray to thief assistance hairsbreadth astatine nan roots. Then, mist your full caput pinch texturizing spray. Now you’re fresh to move connected that blowdryer. Blow hairsbreadth barren upside down for astonishing volume. Once your hairsbreadth is almost dry, usage a information brushwood for illustration your stylist. Start pinch your brushwood astatine nan guidelines of nan hair. As you rustle dry, propulsion nan brushwood toward nan extremity of your hair. Once you scope nan end, propulsion nan brushwood backmost toward nan roots. Blast pinch immoderate acold aerial to thief fastener successful frizz-free volume. Repeat connected nan remainder of your hairsbreadth until you person a salon-worthy blowout.

For an other punch of volume, stack our Volumizer Weft complete nan weft connected nan highest portion of your head. This weft effortlessly clips successful to adhd beautiful thickness and volume.

5. Lob pinch curtain bangs

If you emotion nan lob, see spicing it up pinch a nosy group of curtain bangs. These wispy bangs day backmost to nan ‘60 and ‘70s, erstwhile celebrities for illustration Brigette Bardot, Farrah Fawcett, and Goldie Hawn popularized nan look. They are usually parted successful nan mediate and swept to each broadside of nan face, for illustration curtains. The angled bangs are shorter successful nan halfway and longer connected nan sides, which makes nan eyes pop.

If you want to pump up nan measurement connected your curtain bang lob, usage a rustle dryer and 1-inch information brush. Blow barren bedewed bangs connected some sides until astir 50 percent dry. Then, portion them down nan mediate and wrap nan hairsbreadth astir your information brush. To get nan characteristic curtain bang shape, bring nan brushwood forward, back, and up while rustle drying. Apply immoderate texture spray to nan ends of your bangs for a finishing touch.

6. 1970s shag

Known for its choppy layers, bangs, and chaotic texture, nan shag trim was popularized by nan likes of Stevie Nicks and Mick Jagger. Today, stars for illustration Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, and Miley Cyrus are rocking this edgy look successful various ways, including nan wolf trim and shag mullet. This layered haircut has a earthy volumizing effect and it’s comparatively debased attraction to style astatine home. You tin fto it aerial barren aliases heighten nan tousled style pinch a texturizing spray to get a voluminous look. If you person curly aliases wavy hair, use a curl pick and fto it aerial barren to play up your earthy texture. For consecutive hair, adhd mousse aliases styling pick to damp hairsbreadth anterior to rustle drying. Scrunching hairsbreadth upwards while rustle drying will summation nan volume. Clipping successful hairsbreadth extensions will fto you play astir pinch magnitude and operation things up, immoderate style of shag you have.

7. High-volume ponytail

Flirty, playful, and fun, nan ponytail is 1 of nan astir versatile hairstyles around. Beyonce’s precocious pony is short and saccharine pinch tons of measurement connected top. To recreate nan look, commencement pinch 2nd time hair. Take a conception of hairsbreadth from nan beforehand of your look astir 2 to 3 inches connected either side. Apply barren shampoo astatine nan roots and backcomb your hairsbreadth pinch a teasing brush. Next, clip successful a four-clip weft upside down astatine nan roots on nan backmost of your head, followed by a three-clip weft astatine nan crown. You tin stack 2 aliases much wefts together to create much thickness. From there, you tin stitchery your hairsbreadth into a precocious ponytail. Moving toward nan backmost of your head, clip 2 one-clip wefts into separated sections of hair. Bring earthy hairsbreadth complete nan wefts and bring it backmost pinch nan remainder of hairsbreadth into nan ponytail, securing pinch an elastic. To adhd immoderate flirty activity to your pony, wrap one-inch sections of hairsbreadth astir a 1 inch curling wand. Tease nan apical of nan ponytail pinch a teasing brushwood for moreover much volume. Mist hairsbreadth pinch hairspray to complete nan look.

8. Hollywood waves

Inspired by nan likes of Marilyn Monroe and Veronica Lake, Hollywood waves will make you consciousness for illustration a movie star, nary reddish carpet required. The vintage hairstyle was first worn by actresses successful nan 1920s, and it’s still celebrated coming pinch nan likes of Amanda Seyfreid, Megan Thee Stallion, and Gemma Chan. To style elegant Hollywood waves astatine home, portion hairsbreadth to nan broadside and rustle barren soft utilizing a information brush. Next, usage a 1-inch tube tong to curl hairsbreadth and past pin and cool for 10 minutes. Brush downwards successful mini sections to loosen nan curl. Keep your glamorous waves soft and shiny each time agelong by finishing disconnected nan style pinch a ray furniture of hairspray.

9. Beachy waves pinch halfway part

Effortless, laid-back, and timeless, beachy waves aren’t conscionable for nan beach. This perfectly imperfect style looks awesome astatine immoderate magnitude and tin easy fresh into immoderate type of occasion. Whether you’re rocking enarthrosis magnitude waves pinch our 12-inch extensions aliases going for longer lengths, you tin style beachy waves pinch hairsbreadth extensions for va-va-voom measurement successful a fewer elemental steps. Begin pinch barren hairsbreadth and use power protectant spray earlier utilizing a 1.5-inch curling wand complete hair. Curl hairsbreadth successful different directions to execute those signature messy and tousled waves. Once you’re done curling each of your hair, decorativeness disconnected pinch immoderate texturizing spray to adhd much measurement and springiness you that formation picnic look.

10.  Half-up, half-down

No matter your texture, hairsbreadth color, aliases length, nan half-up, half-down hairstyle will activity for you. This style is perfect for concealing greasy second-day hairsbreadth and transitions from day-to-night. Plus, location are plentifulness of imaginative ways to propulsion strands backmost from your look and adhd eye-catching volume. Take Lana Del Rey’s look, for example. The star’s style, inspired by Sharon Tate, features face-framing strands connected either broadside of her look and plentifulness of measurement up top. To recreate nan stunning volume, clip successful your favourite hairsbreadth extensions and past pin up half of your hairsbreadth pinch a clip aliases elastic. Tease hairsbreadth connected apical into a precocious crown for a connection half-up style.

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